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EMF Protection

This is what our products are most famous for. While your body is resonating with our Earth Frequency products, you will be naturally protected from all the harmful EMFs in our modern wireless world, including LTE, WiFi, 3G, 4G, and 5G.

Strength & Immunity

Since EMFs weaken our body (without us even realizing it), you can get a boost of strength and vitality back just by stopping the radiation from impacting your body. Our customers are regularly surprised by how noticeable the difference is.

Rest & Relaxation

Your body can only heal itself when it is relaxed. In our modern world we are constantly exposed to harmful EMFs which stress our body out. With our Earth Frequency products, you can relax deeply and get a good night’s sleep every night.

How it works

It’s simple

  1. EMFs, like WiFi, LTE and 5G, stress your body.
  2. Your body can’t heal itself when stressed.
  3. Our Earth Frequency products stops EMFs from affecting you, so now your body can heal itself.

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New Product Line 5G Defender Pro Protecting your health from 5G technology

Live Blood Testing

What can our products do in just 4 hours? 

  1. 95% reduction in Parasites!
  2. Blood Movement is Super Fast!
  3. More Oxygenated & Alkaline !
  4. Better B12
  5. EMF Protection is key to our nervous system!

What Customers Are Saying

Kiu Rezvanifar
Kiu Rezvanifar
Persian Tribune CEO @PersianTribuneMagazine
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"I feel tingling! I can feel the energy... oh my god, I can feel it. I never felt anything like this. I felt it, not even 10 seconds... [pause] god, this is weird, no pain..." [Transcript from video where Kiu holds a few Earth Frequency products at once]
Jim MacPherson
Jim MacPherson
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"Since putting the Essential Vibes bracelet on, I've noticed my sleep is much better at night, and my anxiety attacks have reduced by at least 80%."
Andrea Mann
Andrea Mann
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"I'm working through some serious health challenges right now, but since wearing the Essential Vibes bracelets I've noticed I've had less fatigue and I've been able to stay awake longer in the evenings and night times."

Customer Protection

30 day money back guarantee

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