About Essential Vibes 5G Defender Pro Products

The Essential Vibes 5G Defender Pro technology combines the power of three unique frequencies to combat the harmful effects of the new 5G technology.

The 5G Defender Pro

With a combination of three different frequencies, the 5G Defender Pro is the strongest solution to the 5G threat that our scientists have been able to create. By combining the strength of the Earth Frequency with the Solar Frequency (Sun) and an Immunity Frequency, this product will give you all you need to keep yourself safe during the 5G roll-out.

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5G Tower - what are EMFs, dangers, and health risks

Why These Three Frequencies?

From what our scientists have learned so far, the 5G technology which is being rolled out across the world has many harmful effects on living organisms. 

One of these effects is standard radiation (which disrupts the nervous system); for this we recommend the Earth Frequency. Another one of the effects is that it reflects some of the Sun’s healing UV spectrum away from us; and so for this we added in the Solar Frequency in an effort to balance out this great loss. And yet another side effect of the 5G towers is that they deprive our bodies of oxygen which has a tremendously harmful impact on our immune system; and so for this we added in the Immunity Frequency. 

Our intention behind this product is to give people a safe solution they can wear so they can rest their mind and their body in the midst of this difficult time.

5G Electrosensitivity

An increasing amount of people are actually feeling the harm done to their bodies from the new 5G towers. Watch as this interviewer shares his experience and then gets the professional opinion of General Practitioner Thomas Cowan, M.D. 

List of 5G Defender Pro Products

Right now we only have one option for the 5G Defender Pro if you want it to be contained within one product. 

If you really want another option and don’t mind wearing multiple products, you can purchase the Earth Frequency, Solar Frequency, and Immunity Frequency products separately.