About Essential Vibes Earth Frequency Products

The Essential Vibes Earth Frequency products are all encoded with the Earth’s Frequency of 7.83 hz. Also known as the Schumann Resonance, this frequency will protect your body from EMFs and support your nervous system. This gives your body the space it needs to rest and relax, even when exposed to stressful EMF radiation in your environment.

The Earth Frequency

By supporting your nervous system and protecting your body from EMFs, the Earth Frequency product line is the number one best-selling product we have at Essential Vibes. We recommend everyone start with this product as having it will make the effects of all our other products more noticeable.

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List of Earth Frequency Products

We have many different products which all are encoded with the Earth Frequency, even though they all look different. Below is a list of all the Earth Frequency products we carry at Essential Vibes.

Silicone Sports Band. Made of silicone and crushed quartz, this is a durable option for children and athletes. This product is our lowest-cost product which contains the Earth Frequency. It also comes in two strength levels: low strength and full strength, with full strength being 10x stronger than low strength. Full strength is the strength level of all our other products.

Lava Bead Bracelet. Made of lava stones (basalt), this is a stylish product which can be combined with essential oils for maximum wellness.

Everyday Jewelry. This is a group of products which are made of durable metal alloys in stylish shapes for everyday fashion.

Sterling Silver Jewelry. This is a line of sterling silver products which are for people who like to wear their EMF protection in style.

Note: Our 5G Defender Pro also contains the Earth Frequency along with two other frequencies.