EMF Health Concerns

As EMFs are becoming more common in our society, people are waking up to the true impact this wireless radiation is having on our bodies. In this article we will look at EMF health concerns including: what EMFs do to our bodies, what EMFs do to our children, what EMFs do to pets, and how EMFs harm our reproductive systems.

EMF health concerns and impact on our body

Scientific studies continue to show evidence that exposure to human-made (incoherent) EMF radiation can have negative effects on human DNA and the body. Every year, more harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is being added to our environment, especially in developed areas. Not only is more being added, but with 5G coming out, the impact on the human body is looking to be worse than ever before. Thankfully, more people now than ever before are looking into EMF health concerns and are making changes.

So how do EMFs harm the human body?

The most significant impact of EMFs on living organisms is when they directly penetrate the tissues. Studies have proven that weak EMFs consistently corrupt the structure of human (and animal) DNA, organs, tissues, and blood cells.

This isn’t some fringe conspiracy, mainstream authorities like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) have classified radio electomagnetic fields (EMFs) as a category 2B – which means they found a proven correlation with cancer. Cancer is just one of the scariest threats, but when the cells and DNA in the body are deformed, all sorts of diseases can arise.

There is even a specific condition associated with EMFs called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) which is generically described by any of the organs having multiple inflammation symptoms after being exposed to EMF radiation.

Logically this makes sense because if your body is being bombarded by powerful radiation constantly then the organs getting the most exposure will get hurt (inflamed).

What are EMFs - EMF Impact from cell phone LTE radiation on brain compare 3G 4G 5G
EMF Protection for 5G Damage to blood cells mutation 4G 3G LTE Wifi

Continual EMF exposure can cause any of the following health problems:

Short-Term Impacts:

  • Increased feelings of pain
  • Headaches or body aches
  • Burning sensations
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Feelings of increased stress
  • Lowered sperm count or egg damage
  • Problems relaxing and sleeping
  • Cognitive impairment (brain fog, lowered concentration, memory loss)

Long-Term Impacts:

  • Cancer
  • Tumors (specifically near cellphone contact)
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Mutation in cells
  • Damaged DNA
  • Chronic disease
  • Chronic pain

Note: All types of dis-ease are caused by stress and an inability for your body to relax and restore itself. Since EMFs create constant stress on our bodies, the repercussions are endless.

What are EMFs - Wireless radiation harms children brain 10x more exposure not safe family kids
EMF Health Concerns for children - how EMF radiation harms our kids

How EMFs impacts kids

Children are being exposed to EMF radiation earlier in their lives now than ever before. And with 5G and other wireless technologies being added to homes and schools, the damage is happening before their bodies are able to defend against it.

It is proven that children are at a higher risk of EMF exposure and scientists are still speculating as to why – although skull thickness could be factor. American standards of cell phone signal strength (which are higher than Europe) penetrates up to one inch into an adult head while cell phone radiation of equal strength can completely go through a child’s skull and brain.

The Stewart Report reveals that children absorb about 60% more EMF radiation per pound of body weight than average adults. There is also consistent findings that link to EMFs to rare childhood health conditions like leukemia.

The long term impacts of EMF exposure are still not known because it’s not been out long enough. What is known is that EMF damage will build up throughout a lifetime if the impacts are actively healed. We have yet to find out the full impact on our children but we do know that the current generation is having the hardest time recovering from it compared to all prior generations.

How EMFs impacts pets

It’s not just humans that are being harmed by EMFs, our modern technologies are highly disruptive to almost all life on this planet, including our beloved pets. We know that EMFs harm children more than adults most likely because of skull thickness. What this means for our pets is that smaller pets will be at higher risk for severe damage, although all pets will be negatively impacted by continual EMF exposure.

So how do we protect our pets?

Right now we are in the process of creating EMF protection for pets, so join our email list if you want updates for when new products get released. What you can do right now is purchase a lava bead bracelet or silicone sports band and attach it to the back of your pet’s collar. As long as the Essential Vibes product is within an inch of their body it will have an effect.

Another product we are working on right now is an EMF protection radius device which will protect everyone within 10 feet, giving them the same benefit as if they are wearing our product.

dogs cats and pets exposed to harmful EMFs from 5G Cellphone using LTE without protection phone and laptop
What are EMFs - EMF Impact from cell phone LTE radiation on reproductive system including ovaries and sperm compare 3G 4G 5G

Impact of EMF radiation on male and female reproductive systems

Nuking your nuts? It’s not fun to think about – but it’s even worse if it’s happening.

And it’s not just men – EMFs damage the DNA in reproductive tissues more than in other parts of our bodies because there is less of a bone barrier to block the wi-fi devices from damaging the woman’s ovum or the man’s testicles.

Research studies show how continuous exposure to EMF radiation (especially from having cell phones in close contact) dramatically reduces sperm count.

Again, it’s not just men… studies also show how the DNA in the a woman’s ovum is also greatly damaged. It’s also worth considering that each woman has all the eggs she will ever have in any given moment – and so all damage from EMF radiation taken now will have a lasting impact.

In this way, EMF exposure not only impacts those who want to have kid, but it also impacts the kids if these EMF-damaged people are able to conceive. This is because the fetus inherits the DNA damage from the parents – which propagates the damage across generations.