Frequently Asked Questions

Essential Vibes is dedicated to innovating high quality frequency technologies which are symbiotic with nature and our planet Earth. Our flagship product is the Earth Frequency product line, which supports the nervous system and helps the body relax and restore itself, even in toxic EMF environments. Below are the most common questions we get and short answers to them.

What are Essential Vibes products?

We create and distribute custom jewelry and products that have been encoded with the Earth’s natural frequency and other useful frequencies. Our custom-built machine is able to encode these frequencies into metals, crystals and minerals in such a way that it lasts a life time. Read more

How do Essential Vibes products work?

By wearing one of our frequency technology products, you will get the effect of that frequency on your body.  Read more

How do I know which will work for me ?

All products will work for you, and they are safe for all ages. We have customers that have put them on a 2 month old baby and as old as 90 years of age. 

How do I test the products?

We recommend everyone test the products themselves because it will give you first-hand experience of the product in action. We have created a guide for product testing which you can use for reference.

What sizes do they come in?

Each product has its size listed in it’s descriptions and most of our products are one size only. Some of our items, like our silicone sports bands, do comes in two sizes: Small – 7 Inches, and Medium – 8 Inches.

Shipping Timing / Information?

Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to process before any shipping information will be available. Most shipping will arrive within a week. Thank you for choosing Essential Vibes!

Warranty and Exchange Address?

All jewellery purchases come with a limited 3 year warranty covering the frequency technology within the product. If your product is the incorrect size, you may mail it in for an exchange of the same item. We charge a $10 flat fee for this service to offset some of the cost for us to ship it back to you wherever you are in the world. 

Please include a return mailing address and ship to:

Essential Vibes
1958 Notion Rd, Pickering, ON, Canada L1V 2G3