PubMed links Lack of Glutathione to Covid-19 Deaths

PubMed links Lack of Glutathione to Covid-19 Deaths

Groundbreaking studies show how lack of Glutathione is a key reason people die, or have serious injury, from Covid-19. Study declares 'Deficiency of Glutathione as the Most Likely Cause of Serious Manifestations and Death in COVID-19 Patients' (source: PubMed).

With over 160,000 studies on Glutathione (compared to only 68,000 for Vitamin C), it's no surprise that this super-antioxidant is here to our rescue. With Glutathione playing such a critical role in our body's immune system, it's good to hear it can support us in defending serious viral threats (such as Covid-19).

Unfortunately, we naturally lose Glutathione from our body as we grow older than the age of 20. This leaves us with little option other than to supplement Glutathione for Covid-19 and natural immunity.

The most common form of supplementing Glutathione (orally, with a pill) does not work. Study shows that, "Conclusions: No significant changes were observed in biomarkers of oxidative stress, including glutathione status, in this clinical trial of oral glutathione supplementation in healthy adults." (source: PubMed). Since this is the case, how do you supplement Glutathione, if not through a pill?

Well the answer may surprise you: nano-sized Glutathione.

By using nano-sized Glutathione, subjects were able to receive Glutathione properly (source: PubMed). As of now, this technology is very new and only one company is offering HydroStat Nano-sized Glutathione. 

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