How Essential Vibes Frequency Technology Works

All of our frequency technologies use the physics principle of resonant frequencies to support your body’s natural healing processes. Each frequency resonates differently in our bodies which results in different effects. On this page, we will look at resonant frequencies, dive deeper into how our products work and how they are created, and then look at the effects of specific frequencies.

What are resonant frequencies?

Resonant frequencies is a physics principle which explains how frequencies can interact with materials across distances. The classic example to illustrate this is to have two identical tuning forks standing beside each other. When one of them is struck with a hammer, both of them will start resonating, even though they are not touching. This is because the vibration travels through space and makes other things vibrate at its frequency if they have a natural vibration in harmony with it.

When we put on Essential Vibes frequency jewelry products, they are vibrating at key frequencies which your body is already supposed to be vibrating at. Using resonant frequencies, different parts of your body will start vibrating in harmony with the frequency of the Essential Vibes product you put on.

Environmental factors (EMFs / WiFi) and Internal factors (Food / Products / Unbalanced Tension) disrupt that natural vibration and pull your vibration out of its ideal range. By wearing Essential Vibes resonance technology, you ‘remind’ your body what ‘note’ to vibrate at so it can quickly realign to its ideal state.

 So remember, it’s not about the bracelet, what matters is the frequency IN the bracelet.

How Essential Vibes EMF Protection Vibration Technology Frequency Jewelry Works with resonant frequencies
How Essential Vibes EMF Protection Vibration Technology Frequency Jewelry Works with resonant frequencies
How Essential Vibes EMF Protection Vibration Technology Frequency Jewelry bracelet Works with resonant frequencies created

How are Essential Vibes frequency products created?

Once you have the right equipment, it’s actually pretty simple. We take some jewelry (or any other mineral item) and we charge it in our custom-built machine using the appropriate settings for the frequency we would like to encode. After a long period of high-energy charging, the item now has the effect of the frequency and is ready for use. Although we aren’t able to test it, the frequency in the product should theoretically last over 300 years.

Essential Vibes frequency technology effects

Currently, we offer three different frequencies. Our primary frequency is the Earth Frequency (aka. Schumann Resonance) and this frequency supports the body’s nervous system and makes us immune to harmful EMFs.

The second frequency we offer is the Solar Frequency (frequency of the sun). This frequency is known for its energy-boosting properties and customers find that they feel more motivated and positive.

The final frequency we offer is the Immunity Frequency. Based on the frequency of colloidal silver, this frequency is known to boost our body’s natural defence mechanisms to increase immunity and resilience. 

All three are combined together in our 5G Defender Pro product line. These three frequencies offer the best defence against the new 5G technology, although even just the Earth Frequency will do a lot to support you.

Essential Vibes EMF Protection Vibration Technology Frequency Jewelry