How To Test Essential Vibes Products Yourself

We love it when people get to test our products for themselves and we will do whatever we can to help make that as easy as possible for you to do. We offer 100% money back guarantee for all our products so that you can test them at home worry-free. On top of that, on this page we provide a guide on how to do muscle testing yourself at home so you can see the effect our Earth Frequency products have on your body.

How to test the products yourself

Rather than rely on what you read or watch, we prefer each person have their own personal testing experience with our frequency technology products. This video will show you how to test the Earth Frequency product line at home with a friend or family member. We also have a detailed testing guide available for you.

How to do the strength and balance tests

As shown in the video above, you can do a strength and balance test to experience for yourself how the Earth Frequency technology works. Here are the step-by-step instructions to do the tests:

Before Testing

1. Find a mobile phone and play a video on it with data or wifi. Turn the sound on your phone off so it doesn’t distract you.

2. Have Person A (the one doing the test) hold the phone while doing the strength or balance test. It is a fair test because Person A will hold the phone in both before and after putting on the essential vibes bracelet.

Note: The reason we ask people to hold the phone is because this is a source of radiation which we are regularly exposed to. Normally it takes up to a week for the Essential Vibes bracelet to fully charge the wearer, but by holding this phone it will make the result more noticeable right away.

Strength Test

1. Find a stable desk, chair, table, or ledge is roughly your waste height. 

2. Find a friend or family member to test with you who is roughly the same strength and size as you.

3. Have Person A stand a couple feet away from the ledge with their feet together. Person A should have their right or left side facing the ledge. Now have Person A put their arms down at their sides and create a ‘cup’ shape with the hand nearest to the ledge.

4. Have Person B put their fist on Person A’s cup-shaped hand. Have Person B put their other hand on the ledge. Now have Person B lift themselves up using the ledge and Person A’s hand.

5. Depending on the natural strength of Person A, they will either be able to hold Person B up or they will fall over sideways towards Person B. Take note of how well Person A did at holding up Person B.

6. Now repeat the same test, but put on an Essential Vibes Earth Frequency product. Take note of the difference. 

7. Have Person A and B switch roles so both people can experience the product.

Balance Test

1. Find a friend or family member to test with you who is roughly the same height and strength as you.

2. Have Person A stand on a flat surface with their feet together and their hand outstretched to the side. Now have Person A lift the leg nearest to their outstretched hand, so they are standing on one foot.

3. Have Person B push straight down on Person A’s wrist. 

4. Take note of how well Person A is able to balance under the pressure.

5. Repeat the exact same test, this time with Person A wearing an Essential Vibes Earth Frequency product.

Troubleshooting Potential Problems:
a) If Person A is quite strong or Person B has a light weight, it may be more challenging to notice the difference. 
b) If you want to repeat the test, then you need to expose Person A to some EMF radiation for a few minutes without them holding onto the Essential Vibes technology. The EMFs will ‘reset’ their body so there isn’t as much lingering effects from the product.
c) If you do the test without the cell phone, it may not be as noticeable right away.


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