Healing Stones Bracelet (with 5G Defender Pro technology) [5G Protection Bracelet]

Healing Stones Bracelet (with 5G Defender Pro technology) [5G Protection Bracelet]

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This Healing Stones Bracelet is a stylish way to wear our 5G Defender Pro technology. This is a good option for people who like to wear beaded bracelet and especially for essential oil users since this bracelet contains lava stones. If you would like our 5G Defender Pro technology in another form, consider our Sterling Silver 5G Defender Pro Bundle. Please read the product care section before purchasing.

Frequencies: Lava Stone: Earth Frequency, Pyrite: Sun Frequency, Hematite: Immunity Frequency

Strength: Full Strength

Material: Lava Stone, Hematite, Pyrite

Circumference: Medium 7 inches (stretches) | Small 6 inches (stretches)

Weight: ~0.5 lb



Our Healing Stones Bracelet is encoded with our 5G Defender Pro technology offering advanced protection from fifth generation (5G) wireless networks. Using a combination of our signature Earth Frequency technology with added Sun Frequency and Immunity Frequency, this 5G protection bracelet will give you the best possible protection from the new 5G rollout.

In this section, we will look at what a 5G protection bracelet is, what our 5G Defender Pro technology is all about, the healing effects our customers regularly have with this product, the pros and cons of the Healing Stones Bracelet compared to our other 5G Defender Pro options, and how this product fits into the rest of Essential Vibes vibration technologies.

What is a 5G protection bracelet?

To understand what a 5G protection bracelet is, you need to first understand what EMFs are and the negative effects of EMF radiation on our bodies. Popular wireless technologies (like WiFi, cell phones, cell towers, smart devices, induction stoves, etc.) all emit vibrations which harm living organisms. This is especially disruptive to the human nervous system which is a foundation for our body’s functions. The result: EMFs increase pain in your body, reduce quality of sleep, unbalance emotions, reduce strength and balance, and create brain fog and poor memory, all while making it more challenging for your body to heal itself.

Fifth generation (5G) wireless technology is more powerful (and more harmful) than any wireless technology before it. It has never been tested on any living organism (including humans or children) and yet it is being rolled out across the cities worldwide while humanity struggles with a global health crisis. Early independent testing has shown that 5G technology is highly carcinogenic, highly radioactive, and is highly disruptive to human lungs (which is not what we need right now!). 5G technology destroys oxygen within our body which greatly stresses our system which will lead to increased risk of disease and lowered ability for the body to heal itself. On top of all of this, it has been shown to kill birds, bees, and insects and the thick mesh of 5G fields over the city reduces the amount of light which we get from the sun.

Hopefully you can see why we need a 5G protection bracelet. This brings us to our next section which explains our 5G Defender Pro technology and what it can do to protect you from 5G technologies.

What is our 5G Defender Pro technology?

Our 5G Defender Pro technology is encoded with three healing frequencies designed to counter the harmful effects of the 5G radiation. These three frequencies are: 1) our signature Earth Frequency which makes you EMF immune by supporting your nervous system, 2) the Sun Frequency which gives you a boost in energy, and 3) the Immunity Frequency which supports the body’s natural healing abilities. When worn, these three frequencies strengthen your body and the harm from 5G is significantly reduced.

Learn more about our technology in the About 5G Defender Pro section.

Product testimonials

This product will not heal you, instead, it will help your body heal itself. Because of this, it’s no surprise that our customers see such a wide range of healing benefits. The most common results we see are significant improvements in: pain management, range of motion, injury recovery, focus, memory, mood, sleep, brain fog, energy levels, joint pain, headaches, vertigo, sciatica, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, rotatory cuff movement, motion sickness, OCD, ADHD, mood, tremors, muscle mobility, and back pain.

Watch our customers share their stories in the Testimonials section.

Pros and cons of the Healing Stones Bracelet

The Healing Stones Bracelet is a stylish and practical container for our 5G Defender Pro technology. It is made of three stones which each have a different frequency charge within them. The lava beads hold the Earth Frequency charge, the pyrite hold the solar frequency charge, and the hematite holds the immunity frequency charge. Because there are lava beads in this design, it is possible to use this bracelet with essential oils as diffuser bracelet. Since the Healing Stones Bracelet is also waterproof, we recommend wearing it at all times unless doing excessive physical activity which could damage the product. This bracelet will fit on a wide range of wrist sizes due to its flexible design, although you may need to customize it if you want it to fit snuggly.

What other options do I have?

If you would like our 5G Defender Pro technology in another form, you can purchase the Earth Frequency, Sun Frequency, and Immunity Frequency separately and wear them all at the same time, or you can purchase all three at once in our Sterling Silver 5G Defender Pro Bundle.

Product Care: Healing Stones Bracelet

Like all beaded bracelets, this Healing Stones Bracelet needs to be worn with care. Over-stretching it, sliding it too far up the arm repeatedly, or wearing it during athletic or physical activity risks damaging your jewelry. If you do manage to break it, gather all the beads and hire a professional beader to restring them for you (they can do it in 30 seconds) or purchase some string and restring it yourself (with help from an online instructional video). Keep your Healing Stones 5G protection Bracelet strong and intact by treating it with care.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × .6 cm
Vibration Type

5G Defender Pro Technology (Earth, Sun, and Immunity Frequencies)

Vibration Strength

Full Strength


Lava Stone, Hematite, and Pyrite


2 ¾ in (6.8 cm)

Diameter (stretched)

5.5 (14 cm)


8 in (21 cm)

Bead Size

0.3 in (8 mm)


Black, Dark Silver, Pale Gold


Medium 8", Small 6"

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4 reviews for Healing Stones Bracelet (with 5G Defender Pro technology) [5G Protection Bracelet]
  • Amy, Craig and fam

    So I love this. I was honestly really worried about the 5g rollout and now I an at least feel like my family is protected (we are all wearing this) I cant tell you how much I appreciate these

    • Essential Vibes

      No kidding Amy, me too. We’re going through a lot right now as a species and we don’t need 5G messing our day up. That said, I’m glad we have a strong solution for all of our families. Thanks so much for sharing your words here.

  • Maria

    love this feeling

    • Essential Vibes

      us too! Thanks for stopping by Maria

  • Sam Briggs

    sun, moon, and earth frequency all in one bracelet – very cool! I am really glad I got one for the 5g thing

    • Essential Vibes

      Thanks for stopping by Sam! Actually, there’s no moon frequency in this: it’s Sun Frequency, Earth Frequency and our Immunity Frequency which is from colloidal silver. Together all three equal our 5G Defender Pro which makes this 5g protection bracelet. I’m glad you like the product!

  • Shaun Marcovitz

    So I like mine a lot, but I was wearing it outside while working and it broke… I got the beads,b ut what do I do to fix it???

    • Essential Vibes

      Ah I’m sorry to hear that Shaun! Yeah – don’t wear any beaded bracelet outside while working or doing any sort of physical activity which can break it. There’s two ways you can fix it, either you can get some beading string from amazon and retie it (there’s a lot of videos on how to do this) or you can ship it back to us and we can fix it up and send it to you. We do charge a small fee to do this to cover the shipping back, but we are happy to fix it for you for free.

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