Lava Bead Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet (with Earth Frequency)

Lava Bead Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet (with Earth Frequency)

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This lava bead essential oil diffuser bracelet is the perfect option for those who want to combine our Earth Frequency technology with the healing power of essential oils. The medium size is a good option for people with medium to large wrists while the small size is the perfect option for those with smaller wrists. Although this product is of professional quality, like all beaded bracelets, extra care must be given when taking the bracelets on and off or when doing rough activities to ensure the bracelet stays strong. Please read the product care section below before purchasing.

Frequency: Earth Frequency

Strength: Full Strength

Material: 8mm Authentic Lava Stone (Basalt) Beads

Circumference: 8 inches

Weight: ~0.5 lb



This Lava Bead Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet is the ultimate tool for self-directed healthcare because it combines our Earth Frequency technology with essential oils. In this section, we will look at how to use this product with essential oils, what the Earth Frequency is, how it helps with personal wellness and EMF protection, the healing benefits our customers have had with this product, the pros and cons of the lava bead bracelets versus other product types, and how this product fits into the rest of Essential Vibes vibration technologies.

How to use this lava bead Earth Frequency bracelet with essential oils

This product combines two of the most powerful ancient healing technologies: essential oils and healing vibrations. By rubbing therapeutic grade essential oils on this Earth Frequency lava bead bracelet, you amplify the healing benefits of both technologies. As our Earth Frequency technology empowers your nervous system (which is the foundation of all your body’s communications) all the essential oils you use will have a more potent and rapid restoration effect on your body.

Read more about our vibration technology in the How It Works section.

What is the Earth Frequency charge?

All of our Earth Frequency products are encoded with the grounding power of our planet in a concentrated, wearable form. The Earth’s frequency is also known as the Schumann Resonance which was created by lightning striking the Earth across its massive lifetime. Since we are also electrical beings, it’s no wonder that this frequency also strengthens your nervous system making it naturally immune to EMF radiation. You can read more about how this works works in our Earth Frequency section.

How does this Earth Frequency product help with personal wellness and EMF protection?

The Earth’s frequency has always been known for its healing benefits in natural health circles. Since we live around wireless technologies constantly which stress our nervous system out, the Earth’s frequency has become even more important as it helps us ground electromagnetic (EMF) radiation. Unfortunately, we are not connected to the Earth at all times, and this is why we have made our Earth Frequency product line. Now you can wear the concentrated power of the Earth on you at all times which will balance your nervous system while offering you EMF protection.

Protecting ourselves from toxic EMFs has become a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. Since we are near it all the time, we do not think about the serious impacts EMFs have on our health. When you’re around these EMFs, your body is forced to use more energy to do everything while getting worse results. Since your nervous system is a part of all your body’s functions, it’s no surprise that EMFs increase pain in your body, reduce quality of sleep, unbalance emotions, reduce strength and balance, and create brain fog and poor memory, all while making it harder for your body to healing itself.

While wearing our Earth Frequency products, your nervous system harmonizes at the Earth’s Frequency, which prevents EMF damage. Now the EMFs around you will no longer have a significant impact on your nervous system and your body will be able to rest and restore itself again.

Discover more about our technology in the How It Works section.

Earth Frequency testimonials

Our product doesn’t heal you, it gives your body the space it needs to heal itself. By wearing this charged essential oil diffuser bracelet, you will experience what other Essential Vibes customers have experienced: natural health improvements across every area of life. The most common benefits are improvements in: pain management, range of motion, injury recovery, focus, memory, mood, sleep, brain fog, energy levels, joint pain, headaches, vertigo, sciatica, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, rotatory cuff movement, motion sickness, OCD, ADHD, mood, tremors, muscle mobility, and back pain.

There are video testimonials in our Testimonials section.

Pros and cons of the lava bead essential oil diffuser bracelet

Our large lava bead essential oil diffuser bracelet is the perfect product for those who want to combine the healing benefits of our Earth Frequency technology with the power of essential oils. This is a good sized bracelet for people with medium to large wrists and we do carry do carry a small lava bead bracelet as well well if you want something smaller. If you are often doing physical activity which could break this bracelet, I would recommend also purchasing a silicone sports band or a cable expander bracelet to wear instead during those times.

What other options do I have?

If you want another natural stone bead bracelet, we have a similar amazonite bead bracelet which is popular with nature-lovers. If you would like the Earth Frequency in jewelry form, then explore our Earth Frequency jewelry collection. We also offer focused protection for 5G and, if this concerns you, look into our 5G Defender Pro.

Product Care: Lava Bead Bracelet

Like all beaded bracelets, this Lava Bead Bracelet needs to be worn with care. Over-stretching it, sliding it too far up the arm repeatedly, or wearing it during athletic or physical activity risks damaging your jewelry. If you do manage to break it, gather all the beads and hire a professional beader to restring them for you (they can do it in 30 seconds) or purchase some string and restring it yourself (with help from an online instructional video). Keep your Lava Bead Bracelet strong and intact by treating it with care.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × .6 cm
Vibration Type

Earth Frequency

Vibration Strength

Full Strength


Authentic Lava Stone


2 ¾ in (6.8 cm)

Diameter (stretched)

5.5 in (14 cm)


8 in (21 cm)

Bead Size

0.3 in (8 mm)





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6 reviews for Lava Bead Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet (with Earth Frequency)
  • green essential oils life by maria

    essential oils + frequency protection?! hellzyeah! haha super healing time

    • Essential Vibes

      It’s our most popular product! I’m glad you love it. I enjoy putting peppermint oil on it for an energy boost!

  • Tanya


    • Essential Vibes

      Thanks for writing Tanya, glad you like it

  • Kia O

    very good product actually

    • Essential Vibes

      Hi Kia! Thanks for your kind words

  • gioli a

    I love to use this with my doterra oils! love this so much

    • Essential Vibes

      Hi Gioli, we love doterra too! Good choice, glad you like this bracelet

  • love this

    The perfect healing product really – very empowering

    • Essential Vibes

      Thanks for writing in!

  • Rafa S

    I’ve read through pretty much everything on this site – very cool stuff. I picked this one because I use essential oils too and I’m happy with my choice. thanks

    • Essential Vibes

      Hi Rafa! Thanks for taking so much time to research our product. I approve of your choice too, very good!

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