Silicone Sports Band (with Earth Frequency at Full Strength) [Best EMF Protection]

Silicone Sports Band (with Earth Frequency at Full Strength) [Best EMF Protection]

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This silicone sports band is the best EMF protection available on the market. It harnesses the power of our Earth Frequency vibration technology in this simple quartz-infused silicone band. Please read the product care section below before purchasing.

Frequency: Earth Frequency

Strength: Full Strength

Material: Silicone infused with crushed quartz

Circumference: Small: 7 inches, Medium: 8 inches,

Weight: ~0.5 lb



This Essential Vibes Silicone Sports Band is a healing bracelet which is charged with the Earth Frequency at full strength which makes it the best EMF protection for everyday living. In this section, we will look at what makes this product the best EMF protection, what the Earth Frequency is, how it helps with EMF protection, the healing benefits our customers have had with this product type, the pros and cons of the silicone sports band versus other product types, and how this product fits into the rest of Essential Vibes vibration technologies.

Why is this product the best EMF protection?

There are two kinds of products on the market for EMF protection, one is an EMF shield and the other is EMF frequency technologies. EMF shields try to block out radiation by enclosing you in a metal cage (either through lead paint, metal-infused clothes, or other similar methods). The problems with this strategy are 1) it’s nearly impossible to block off EMFs from every angle, 2) flooding your environment with cheap metals can lead to heavy metal poisoning and is known to have negative health effects even in small amounts across time, 3) if any EMFs get inside the metal cage then they will harm you many times more than they would otherwise because they will bounce around inside leaving you in a radiation microwave.

The other solution is frequency technologies. These work by harmonizing your body to a specific frequency which makes your body naturally immune to EMFs. Unfortunately, most frequency technologies don’t work well because 1) your nervous system specifically needs to be supported from EMFs and this is only done if the frequency used is the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 hz, 2) the lifetime of the product should last as long as your lifetime, and some of these frequency technologies run out of power in as little as 6 months, and 3) some natural products are used (like magnets or shungite) but these only work if you are touching them and their strength is relatively weak compared to our technology.

The Essential Vibes Earth Frequency technology checks all the boxes because:
1) it is a frequency-based EMF protection (and NOT an EMF shield)
2) we use the proven effects of the Schumann Resonance (7.83hz)
3) the lifetime of the products will last longer than your lifetime (and our warranty backs that up)
4) it is significantly more powerful than natural alternatives (like magnets and shungite)

Read more about our technology in our How It Works section.

What is the Earth Frequency charge?

Our core product line at Essential Vibes is our Earth Frequency technology line. All our jewelry and products which are encoded with this frequency give you the grounding power of our planet in a concentrated, wearable form. The Earth Frequency is also known as the Schumann Resonance and it strengthens your nervous system making your body naturally resistant to harmful EMF radiation. You can read more about how it works in our Earth Frequency section.

How does this Earth Frequency product help with EMF protection?

When your body is near toxic electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) your nervous system becomes stressed. This means your body needs to use more energy for lowered result every time it uses your nervous system (which is all the time). By wearing our Earth Frequency products, your nervous system begins to vibrate at the frequency of the Earth, which happens to be its natural vibrating state. Now the EMF radiation in your environment no longer has a significant impact on your nervous system. Your body can now function properly at full power again. Learn more about this in our How It Works section.

Earth Frequency Testimonials

EMFs stress your nervous system which is needed for all your daily activities. By wearing our EMF protection, it’s no surprise that Essential Vibes customers have experienced many different healing benefits. The most common benefits include improvements in: pain management, range of motion, injury recovery, focus, memory, mood, sleep, brain fog, energy levels, joint pain, headaches, vertigo, sciatica, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, rotatory cuff movement, motion sickness, OCD, ADHD, mood, tremors, muscle mobility, and back pain. There are video testimonials in our Testimonials section.

Pros and cons of the silicone sports band

Our silicone sports band is the best EMF protection option for people who want affordable and durable protection. We have other product styles which are more fancy made from silver or lava rock, but if you want something cheap and strong that just works, then a silicone sports band is all you need. I recommend this product for athletes, physical workers, or people who generally move a lot.

What other options do I have?

If you would like a product with more fashion, then I recommend checking out our Earth Frequency jewelry collection. If you want more power and focused protection for 5G, consider our 5G Defender Pro.

Product Care: Silicone Sports Band

The silicone sports band is the most durable bracelet we have, but it does have one weakness: swimming. The chlorine or high salt content in most swim pools (or the ocean) can dry out the silicone over time cause it to lose its flexibility and be at risk of breaking. To maintain your silicone sports band, take it off before entering chlorinated or salty water.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × .6 cm


Vibration Type

Earth Frequency

Vibration Strength

Full Strength


Silicone infused with crushed crystal


Small: 2 ¼ in (5.5 cm) Medium: 2 ½ in (6.3 cm)

Diameter (stretched)

Small: 3 ¾ in (9 cm) Medium: 4 ¼ (10.5 cm)


Small: 7 in (18.5 cm) Medium: 7 ¾ in (19.5 cm)


Metallic Grey

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7 reviews for Silicone Sports Band (with Earth Frequency at Full Strength) [Best EMF Protection]
  • Joan Smith

    My kids love wearing the silicone bracelet, they love that it helps with their sleep issues. I have noticed a shift when it comes to the focus they have on tasks that are being done. This was a GREAT shock to see and really do love that they are protected from EMF”s.

    Thank you Essential Vibes for what you are doing.

    • Essential Vibes

      Thanks for reaching out Joan! These sleep issues often occur when we are living in EMF dense environments. It could be worth adding extra support by putting your wifi on a timer so it turns off at night. Regardless, I’m glad they are wearing this product, it’s the best EMF protection we have ever seen. Wishing you and your family abundant health.

  • Kian Song

    Wow wow wow – very cool effect

    • Essential Vibes

      Hi Kian! Thanks for stopping by – I’m glad you enjoy it!

  • Bruce Longman

    Powerful stuff!

    • Essential Vibes

      Thanks for writing Bruce! Glad you like the product

  • Daniel Marcus

    I’m so confused by this product, but it really seems to work. I’ve done a bunch of tests with friends, and now my friends all want them too. So strange , I read the science page a bunch of times, but I still don’t really get it. It does work though…

    • Essential Vibes

      Haha I totally get it Daniel – this is an usual product! It does work and there is science behind it, but the physics around frequency technology isn’t very well understood by most people, so it really does seem odd at first. If you’re interested, email us about becoming a reseller and we can get you and your friends a bulk discount.

  • Aubrey and Margot

    simple effective product , good stuff

    • Essential Vibes

      Thanks for writing to us Aubrey and Margot! Glad you two like the product

  • Eve S

    Love the new site guys! this is the product I got and it works well, I dont sleep properly without it

    • Essential Vibes

      Thanks Eve! A lot of people have been saying that actually. The wireless technologies in our homes aren’t good for sleep, and this protects you from it, so that makes total sense what you’re experiencing!

  • Sen T

    Just knowing that I’m EMF protected has really helped reduce my anxiety about whats going o n in the world. Thanks

    • Essential Vibes

      Hi Sen, thanks for writing to us. I am so glad we could offer you effective EMF protection and help your mind rest at ease. A lot is going on and I was feeling the same way for years before Essential Vibes.

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