Sterling Silver Bar Bracelet (with Sun Frequency) [Therapeutic Energy Bracelet]

Sterling Silver Bar Bracelet (with Sun Frequency) [Therapeutic Energy Bracelet]

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This sterling silver bar bracelet is an attractive therapeutic energy bracelet for people who want to wear our Sun Frequency technology in style. Customers report an increase in energy and motivation while wearing the Sun Frequency. We recommend only wearing this bracelet if you have an Earth Frequency product which you wear or plan on wearing regularly, because the Earth Frequency will allow all the other frequencies to have a greater restorative effect on the body. This bracelet is a fixed size and will fit a medium to small wrist. Read the product description to learn more about the Sun Frequency and to see other product options.

Frequency: Sun Frequency

Strength: Full Strength

Material: Sterling Silver

Weight: ~0.5 lb



This Sterling Silver Bar Bracelet is encoded with a concentrated form of one of the key frequencies we receive from our Sun, which is what makes this the most popular therapeutic energy bracelet on the market. The latest information on the harmful effects of 5G technologies show how it blocks out part of the sun’s UV spectrum, resulting in people feeling low on energy and motivation. To balance this, our signature Sun Frequency technology gives you back some of the sun’s healing frequencies. Some customers find they feel more energized and ambitious while wearing this product while others just find it easier to get out of bed in the morning.

In this section, we will look at what a therapeutic energy bracelet is, what the Sun Frequency is and why we need it, the healing benefits our customers have had with this product, the pros and cons of the Sterling Silver Bar Bracelet vs other product types, and how this product fits into the rest of Essential Vibes vibration technologies.

What is a therapeutic energy bracelet?

Therapeutic energy bracelets are jewelry which energizes the body and stimulates the nervous system when you wear them. Most energy bracelet technologies on the market either have very low effectiveness or are straight up placebo. Because our company has the unique ability to encode any frequency into any mineral, we are able to make an effective energy bracelet simply by encoding the Sun’s most powerful frequency into our jewelry.

Learn more about our vibration technology in the How It Works section.

What is the Sun Frequency charge?

All of our Sun Frequency products are encoded with the blazing power of our star in a concentrated, wearable form. The Sun supports life on our planet with its full spectrum of frequencies, but we pick out the most potent frequency for stimulating energy in the human body. With 5G technologies being rolled out and the latest discoveries revealing how this 5G technology reflects part of the sun’s UV spectrum away from our planet, our Sun Frequency technology is becoming more important than ever before. Our heart behind our Sun Frequency product line is to naturally restore power back to everyday people.

Since this frequency is one of the key frequencies in our 5G Defender Pro technology, you can read more about how this works in our 5G Defender Pro section.

Sun Frequency testimonials

Our Sun Frequency wearers love this product primarily for the boost in energy and motivation it gives them. Some people report feeling more energized and inspired throughout the day while others simply share how it’s easier for them to get out of bed in the morning. We have theorized that this product may be increasing dopamine levels although we have not yet done the testing needed to verify this. If you could use a boost of energy and motivation in your day, we highly recommend this product.

Pros and cons of the Sterling Silver Bar Bracelet

Our Sterling Silver Bar Bracelet is the high quality piece of fine silver jewelry for those who want to wear the healing benefits of our Sun Frequency technology in style. This is a perfect size bracelet for people with medium to small wrists. If you would like something larger, our Healing Stones Bracelet is larger and has our 5G Defender Pro technology in it which includes the Sun Frequency. If you are often doing physical activity which could break this bracelet, I would recommend taking this bracelet off during those times.

What other options do I have?

This is the only option we have right now which has the Sun Frequency on its own. Our 5G Defender Pro technology combines the Sun Frequency with the Earth Frequency and the Immunity Frequency, so you could wear any of the 5G Defender Pro products we carry if you want other options.


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 0.6 cm
Vibration Type

Sun Frequency

Vibration Strength

Full Strength


Sterling Silver


Minimum: 1 ¾ in (4.5 cm) Maximum: 2 ¼ in (6 cm)


Minimum: 6 in (15 cm) Maximum: 7.5 (19 cm)



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1 review for Sterling Silver Bar Bracelet (with Sun Frequency) [Therapeutic Energy Bracelet]
  • Marsha Philips

    Wow! It feels strong, I don’t really know how to describe, but I like it.

    • Essential Vibes

      Good to hear Marsha! Yeah the Sun Frequency bracelet is an intense one – be sure to wear it with an Earth Frequency bracelet at all times for best effect!

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