Witness people’s stories as they experience Essential Vibes for the first time.
Each video has keywords on it which describe the topics the persons testimonial covers. 

“Now that I have these bracelets on, I feel like all the tension is being drained out”

“I was in a car accident… even after putting them on for just a few days, I noticed better range of motion in my arm.”

“I thought these were a scam… but when I put them on I noticed I was way stronger.”

“I suffer from a lot of anxiety attacks. Since putting the bracelets on I have noticed my sleep is much better at night and my anxiety attacks have reduced by at least 80%.”

“Just knowing their technology is really good, knowing that you are protected from EMF radiation, is really good. Helps me with my sleep as well.”

“Since wearing these bracelets I do notice a shift in my fatigue and I am able to stay awake longer in the evenings and night time.”

“Had a live blood test done before and after and it showed a significant improvement in my blood… I do feel better balance and stability, and definitely more stamina and energy, and I noticed I have slept better through the night.”

“I saw major improvement in my oxygen level in my blood. I’ve also noticed an increase in energy, less pain in my body, and better sleep at night.”

“It has improved my memory. I have 4 fingers in my left hand, and it helps with balance while working out. Without the bands, I feel my left side falling.”

“I feel tingling. I can feel the erergy! Oh my god, I can feel that. Oh my god it feels really good. I have never felt anything like this, really. I’ve had this on for 30 seconds. Oh my god this is amazing.”


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