Third-Party Testing of Essential Vibes Vibration Technologies

We value third-party testing of our frequency technology products. In this article we will look at how you can test the products out yourself and then we will look at testing which third parties have done on our products.

How to test the products yourself

Rather than rely on what you read or watch, we prefer each person have their own personal testing experience with our frequency technology products. This video will show you how to test the Earth Frequency product line at home with a friend or family member. We also have a detailed testing guide available for you.

Third-party testing of Essential Vibes frequency technology

Live blood test with one test subject

We worked with a third-party live blood testing company to do a before and after analysis of our Earth Frequency products. Watch this video to see the healing effects of wearing Essential Vibes for just 4 hours.

Live blood test with a group of test subjects

After the incredible results from the first live blood test, we were interested in doing more testing. We hired a different company this time to conduct 11 blood tests on different test subjects of different ages, genders, diets, and backgrounds.

The test was done by getting a live blood test before experiencing the technology and then again after wearing our Earth Frequency technology for either 4 hours or after a week, depending on their availability. All test subjects were told not to change any lifestyle habits during the week, and all confirmed they had adhered to this request.

After all the results were in, the trend was consistent across all our test subjects. Everyone’s blood was more spacious and able to flow faster after wearing our Earth Frequency technology. There were other health benefits too, but we noticed that they were a result of the faster blood movement. 

Our analysts have concluded that this increase in spaciousness and blood flow is a result of a higher oxygen content in the blood. This makes sense since our Earth Frequency products strengthen the nervous system and help it to relax. When our bodies are relaxed, we process oxygen better, and when they are stressed, the reverse happens. 

It is also worth noting that 5G technology disrupts the oxygen content in the blood and, to some extent, all EMFs do this. Since our Earth Frequency technology protects your body from EMFs, this could be an other factor which is creating these test results.

Research Testing on the Healing Impact of the Schumann Resonance (Earth Frequency)

Schumann Resonance Effect on Human Body Essential Vibes Frequency Tech

Schumann Resonances and their Effect on Bioregulation

The Schumann Resonances are frequencies which exist between the Earth’s surface and ionosphere, and were created by lightning striking the Earth’s surface across its massive lifetime. Since we have grown and developed within these frequencies across our species’ lifespan, connection with and exposure to these frequencies are critical to the health of our body and mind. There have been numerous studies showing this connection. Below there is a link to an overview of what the Schumann Resonances are in more detail and some of the most critical research that has been done on these frequencies.