What Are EMFs?

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) exist all around us, from both natural and artificial sources. Natural sources of EMFs are often healthy to our organic body and promote internal relaxation. The man-made EMFs, on the other hand, usually vibrate at frequencies which greatly harm our body. On this page we will go over the best and worst EMFs for your body and highlight some practical solutions for protecting yourself and your family.

Healthy EMFs

The most beneficial EMF to our bodies is the Earth’s electromagnetic field (EMF). Not only does it protect us from solar radiation and cosmic debris, but our bodies are used to living in harmony with its presence and so it’s beneficial for us. The Earth is known to help discharge excess radiation in our body and the practice of grounding (touching the Earth) has proven health benefits to our body.

A german physicist named Schumann discovered that the most significant part of the Earth’s field was a low frequency around 7.83 hz. This frequency was later discovered to have immense restorative properties for the human nervous system, primarily because it strengthens it against harmful EMFs. In our shop we offer wearable jewelry encoded with the Earth’s Frequency.

What are EMFs - Earth Frequency Schumann Resonance Protection
Man exposed to harmful EMF stress from 5G Cellphone using Wifi and laptop without protection

Harmful EMFs

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) from modern wireless devices are harmful to human health. The reason for this is because they bombard us with constant radiation which stresses our body continually. Since our body can only heal when it is in a relaxed state, being constantly stressed by EMFs ends up creating a lot of disease (dis-ease) in our bodies.

This EMF pollution has been known to negatively impact our brain function, nervous system, DNA, hormones, emotions, sleep quality, pain levels, stress, strength, balance, and even be a significant factor in serious diseases including cancer. Children are far more at risk from EMF radiation because their skull is not as thick and their bodies are not fully developed.

What are EMFs - EMF Impact from cell phone LTE radiation on brain compare 3G 4G 5G
What are EMFs - Wireless radiation harms children brain 10x more exposure not safe family kids

EMFs are the new smoking

It used to be healthy to smoke, or at least that’s what was promoted in the media. Why? Because a group of cigarette companies known as ‘Big Tobacco’ paid for scientific studies which said that smoking was completely safe and even healthy. Doctors, scientists, politicians, and smokers all bought into this narrative and they laughed at anyone who tried to tell them otherwise.

Despite early warning signs, it took governments 50 years to start taking any action. In the meantime, large portions of the population were getting addicted while their health was becoming severely compromised.

And now the same thing is happening today with EMFs. Big Tech is putting out flawed scientific articles convincing doctors, politicians, and cell phone users that their wireless devices are safe. While we are all getting addicted to technology, the early warning signs are clear:

  • Leading EMF scientists want EMFs to be classified as a “Class 1″ definite carcinogen (alongside smoking and asbestos).
  • The top functional medicine doctors (like Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD) are concluding that EMFs are the root cause of critical symptoms including insomnia, fatigue, depression, headaches, and digestive issues.
  • 5G networks are being rolled out to the population rapidly, with NO biological studies to prove their safety.
  • Our EMF safety standards are from 1996 and haven’t been updated since.
  • Four of the cornerstone scientific studies that our safety standards are based on are from short-term exposure to ONE device.

What is 5G?

5G (fifth generation) is a new wireless communication technology which uses ultra-high frequencies in the millimetre wave range to achieve faster data transfer rates. For comparison, previous cell towers emitted frequencies between 1 to 6 GHz while the new 5G towers are emitting frequencies as high as 300 GHz. What this means for our health is that the wave from the 5G tower will collide with our body significantly more times as it passes through. 

Right now, 5G cell towers are being rolled out by big tech companies worldwide despite large portions of the population protesting and researchers discovering serious health concerns. Since these towers have a much smaller range, they are putting significantly more of them up, even as many as one every 2 – 8 houses on a street.

This has been a major concern for us at Essential Vibes and so we’ve worked with our scientists to create a new product to protect you and your families from 5G technology.

5G Tower - what are EMFs, dangers, and health risks