What is Essential Vibes Frequency Technology?

At Essential Vibes, we focus on creating natural health products which are powered by our signature frequency technology. Our Earth Frequency products are most popular since they give people the healing benefits of the Earth at all times.

Earth Frequency Product Line

The Essential Vibes Earth Frequency product line supports your nervous system by making them immune to harmful EMFs (5G, 4G, 3G, LTE, WiFi, etc.) while supporting the body’s natural healing abilities.

We recommend everyone start with one of our Earth Frequency products because they support the basic functions of the nervous system which will boost the effect of all other frequency products.

5G Defender Pro Product Line

The new 5G technology is untested and early warning signs are showing how dangerous it is. The 5G Defender Pro product line combines the power of the Earth Frequency with the Sun’s Frequency and an Immunity Frequency to add further support and protection from the new 5G threat.

Future Products

At Essential Vibes, we have a lot of innovative products planned for the next few years. Check back onto our website for updates!