The Earth's Healing Frequencies vs Manmade Vibrations [and the Mystery of 432 hz vs 440 hz Natural Tuning]

The Earth's Healing Frequencies vs Manmade Vibrations [and the Mystery of 432 hz vs 440 hz Natural Tuning]

Have you ever wondered why the cottage is so much more relaxing than the city?

Or why the sounds of nature soothe the soul while the street noises irritate the mind?

In this post we will discover how frequencies affect us, why the Earth's frequency is so special, what the Schumann Resonance is, 432 vs 440 hz tuning, and we'll investigate some related history and conspiracy.

In this article:

1. What are frequencies and how do they affect us?
2. Natural vs Unnatural frequencies 
3. The Earth's (Schumann) Resonance
4. 432 hz vs 440 hz and the History of Tuning

What are frequencies and how do they affect us?

Has music ever shifted your mood? Or have you ever been irritated by a sound?

That's a simple example of frequencies at work. They can be powerful forces for healing or great sources of pain.

A frequency is anything which repeats across time. This can be a sound, light or magnetic wave, or it can be something as simple as the blinking of an eye. We measure frequencies in hertz (hz). One hertz is one cycle per second - so if you blinked your eyes at 1 hz, you would be blinking once per second. 

Everything in our body vibrates, and that means that your organs, bones, blood, ... all of it has frequencies! Unsurprisingly, our body's frequencies harmonize with the Earth's frequencies when our body is in a healthy state.

When we are around natural sounds, this often relaxes and restores our nervous system. When we are around unnatural sounds (which aren't specifically designed to be in harmony with nature) we often find these noises stressful and irritating.

Natural vs Unnatural Frequencies

Since natural sounds generally relax our nervous system, it's no surprise that when we hear leaves rustling, birds chirping, or waves crashing on the shore, that we feel relaxed and in harmony with world around us.

It's also no surprise that when we hear artificial sounds, these are generally stress-inducing, even if only on a subtle level. Consider the humming of a fridge or computer, the sound of a microwave being turned on, or the noise on a busy street, for example.

It is possible for artificial technology to be harmonized with the Earth's frequency, but it takes that extra care and craftsmanship that most modern industry isn't willing to employ.

The Earth's (Schumann) Resonance

When the average frequency of the Earth was measured, it was found to be 8 hz. This was discovered by a scientist named Schumann, and so was called the Schuamnn resonance. However, it is more commonly known as the Earth Frequency. 

This frequency is in harmony with our body's nervous system, which means that when we experience 8 hz, our body naturally relaxes and functions more efficiently. This results in greater physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

The simplest way to get the benefits of the Earth Frequency is by touching the Earth. This is most commonly done by barefoot walking. For all those times when it's not possible to do this, you can wear Essential Vibes Earth Frequency bracelets.

432 hz vs 440 hz and the History of Tuning

There is an ongoing debate about which tuning is best to use for music, 432 hz or 440 hz.

432 hz is in harmony with the Earth frequency (8 hz) and has been used by the Tibetan monks and some musical cultures across the ancient world (although there was no standard tuning set globally).

440 hz was implemented in 1953 in the United States and subsequently mass-marketed. It has only been used for a relatively short time.

Our scientist has verified the validity of 432 hz being in harmony with the human body multiple times and the fact that our Earth Frequency product has the powerful effect that it does on our nervous system is testament to it's authenticity.

The following video is made by a skeptic who does a fairly good job at diving deep into the comparison and summarizes the public history of tuning standards and mathematical beauty of 432 hz. 

His main critique is that he doesn't understand why we use a 'second' to measure hertz. He correctly connects the modern second to its base-sixty origin in ancient Babylon, but he fails to appreciate why that exact amount of time was chosen to be the time-measuring standard. For me, I see Babylon as one of the most intelligent ancient civilizations and when I see that the beautiful mathematics which result from measuring frequency in seconds and when I feel the power of 432 hz, I can only assume they had a deeper understanding of time than I currently do. 

If you want to experience 432 hz for yourself, check out our Earth Frequency products, and your body will be able to experience the difference for itself.