What Is Earth Frequency Technology?

Constant Grounding

Strength & Performance

The Earth's frequency boosts your body's natural strength. When your body is exposed to stress and radiation, it becomes weaker. The Earth's frequency counters this, giving your body back the strength and performance it needs for everyday life.

Rest & Repair

Your nervous system is the foundation for relaxing and restoring your body. Wireless radiation and stress ramp your nervous system up stopping this. The Earth's frequency strengthens the nervous system allowing relaxation to occur.

EMF Protection

Modern society is full of man-made radiation from all our wireless technologies. These stress the nervous system and stop natural healing. The Earth's frequency makes the nervous system stronger than the radiation, so that your body can rest and relax anywhere.

Third-Party Testing

Live Blood Test

Be skeptical

Test Products Yourself

From our customers


β€œI got this Essential Vibes rose gold bangle, and it’s super cute, but it also really really impacted my sleep. It’s been powerful when it comes to getting quality sleep, I keep it on all the time.”

Lunden Souza



β€œI suffer from a lot of anxiety attacks. Since putting the bracelets on I have noticed my sleep is much better at night and my anxiety attacks have reduced by at least 80%.”

Jeff MacPherson

Toronto, CA

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We have a full page of video testimonials. Browse through them to learn how our customers have benefited from our Earth Frequency technology.

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