Sterling Silver V Necklace (charged with Earth Frequency)
Sterling Silver V Necklace (charged with Earth Frequency)

Sterling Silver V Necklace (charged with Earth Frequency)

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This Sterling Silver V Necklace is a beautiful healing tool for those who want to wear charged Earth Frequency technology in 925 sterling silver. On top of the healing benefits from the Earth Frequency charge, this necklace offers the natural detoxification benefits that come with wearing pure silver. We recommend this healing bracelet for women who enjoy wearing necklaces and appreciate high-quality metals.

🌲 When you purchase this bracelet, we give back to the Earth by planting a tree in the Amazon jungle. 🌲

Frequency: Earth Frequency

Material: 925 sterling silver

Circumference: 18 inches

- Constant grounding
- EMF / 5G Protection
- Increased Oxygen / Prana
- Physical Body Alignment
- Energy Body Stabilization
- Emotional Regulation
- Mental Focus & Clarity
- New Earth Ascension

How Earth Frequency Tech works
Importance of EMF Protection

Product Care: Treat this as you would any fine jewellery. If your body is not alkaline, this may cause the bracelet to tarnish. If this happens, simply polish it.

Pros and cons of the Sterling Silver Drawstring Necklace

The Sterling Silver V Necklace is an attractive product for those who want to wear Earth Frequency jewellery while also getting the healing benefits of pure silver. Since this product is also waterproof, we recommend wearing it at all times, unless doing an activity which could break it. This product will fit a variety of wrist sizes. If you prefer to wear jewellery around your wrist, consider our matching Sterling Silver V Bracelet.

If you enjoy wearing pure silver, we have multiple sterling silver styles available all charged with Earth Frequency tech. If you are concerned about 5G protection jewelry, we offer advanced protection options for 5G technologies with our 5G Defender Pro products.

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