Healing Stones Bracelet (charged with 5G Defender Pro Technology)

Healing Stones Bracelet (charged with 5G Defender Pro Technology)

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This Healing Stones Bracelet is the ultimate healing tool charged with our three 5G Defender Pro frequencies and with essential oil diffuser properties. These three frequencies are the foundational Earth Frequency, an Earth Harmony Frequency, and the Immunity Frequency. The essential oil diffuser properties comes from the lava stones which are used in the product design, which can hold the effect of an essential oil for up to 24 hours.

🌲 When you purchase this bracelet, we give back to the Earth by planting a tree in the Amazon jungle. 🌲

Frequencies: Earth Frequency, Earth Harmony Frequency, Immunity Frequency

Material: Lava Stone, Onyx, Hematite

Variation (Size): Extra Large, Large, Standard, Small

Inside Circumference: (stretches) Small (19 beads) 5.5'', Standard(21 beads) 5.75", Large(23 beads) 6.5", (25 beads) XLarge: 7.25''

Benefits (Earth Frequency):
- Constant grounding
- EMF / 5G Protection
- Increased Oxygen / Prana
- Physical Body Alignment
- Energy Body Stabilization
- Emotional Regulation
- Mental Focus & Clarity
- New Earth Ascension

Added Benefits (5G Defender Pro):
- Supports immune function
- Sustains natural energy
- Purifies physical and energetic bodies
- Added Earth Frequency power through harmony

How Earth Frequency Tech works
Importance of EMF Protection

Product Care: This is a high-quality product. Still, like all bead bracelets, use care when taking bracelets on and off or when doing rough activities to ensure the bracelet stays strong. Over-stretching it, sliding it too far up the arm repeatedly, or wearing it during athletic or physical activity risks damaging your bracelet.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Our Healing Stones Bracelet is charged with our 5G Defender Pro technology offering support for fifth generation (5G) wireless networks. With Earth, Harmony and Immunity Frequencies, this 5G protection bracelet will give you the added support you need to thrive during the 5G rollout.

In this section, we will look at what 5G protection is, the 5G Defender Pro, the pros and cons of the Healing Stones Bracelet vs just Earth Frequency, and how this product fits into the rest of Essential Vibes ascension technologies. 

What is a 5G protection bracelet?

To understand what a 5G protection bracelet is, you need to first understand what EMFs are and the negative effects of EMF radiation on our bodies. Popular wireless technologies (like WiFi, cell phones, cell towers, smart devices, induction stoves, etc.) all emit vibrations which harm living organisms. This is extra harmful to our nervous systems, which support our health. The result: EMFs increase pain in your body, reduce quality of sleep, unbalance emotions, reduce strength and balance, and create brain fog and poor memory, all while making it more challenging for your body to heal itself.

Fifth generation (5G) wireless technology is more powerful (and more harmful) than previous generations. It has never been tested on living organism (like humans or children) and yet it is being rolled out across the cities worldwide while humanity struggles with a global health crisis. Early independent testing has shown that 5G is highly carcinogenic, radioactive, and disruptive to human lungs. 5G hinders our body from absorbing oxygen which causes great stress, increased risk of disease and lowered ability for the body to heal itself. Also, it has been shown to kill birds and bees.

What is our 5G Defender Pro technology?

Our 5G Defender Pro technology is charged with three healing frequencies designed to balance the harmful effects of the 5G radiation. These three frequencies are: 1) Earth Frequency which gives you EMF & 5G protection, 2) the Earth Harmony Frequency which boosts the Earth Frequency, and 3) the Immunity Frequency which supports immune function. When worn, these three frequencies strengthen your body and reduce 5G damage.

Product testimonials

Our product doesn’t heal you, it gives your body the support it needs to heal itself. By wearing this charged Earth Frequency product, you can experience what our Essential Vibes family has experienced: a wide range of natural health improvements. Common benefits are improvements in: sleep, relaxation, strength, range of motion, recovery, focus, memory, mood, brain function, energy levels and EMF protection.

There are video testimonials in our Testimonials section.

5G Defender Pro vs just Earth Frequency

The Earth Frequency does most of the EMF protection magic on it’s own. That said, the added frequencies in the 5G Defender Pro amplify the strength of the Earth Frequency while adding immune system support.

Essential Vibes Ascension Technologies

If you're reading this, you're probably aware there's a huge shift going on in our planet. This Ascension is bringing humanity out of our old rigid paradigms and into an abundant, heart-focused, interconnected existence. All our products are focused on increasing your vibration and helping you smoothly shift into the New Earth. Thank you for caring for your consciousness!