Fashion Bangle (charged with Earth Frequency)
Fashion Bangle (charged with Earth Frequency)
Fashion Bangle (charged with Earth Frequency)
Fashion Bangle (charged with Earth Frequency)
Fashion Bangle (charged with Earth Frequency)
Fashion Bangle (charged with Earth Frequency)

Fashion Bangle (charged with Earth Frequency)

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This Fashion Bangle is a beautiful healing tool for those who want to wear charged Earth Frequency technology in style. We recommend this healing tool for women with small wrists and a refined taste.

🌲 When you purchase this bracelet, we give back to the Earth by planting a tree in the Amazon jungle. 🌲

Frequency: Earth Frequency

Material: Stainless steel base with optional plating

Variations (Style): Pure stainless steel, Gold plated, Rose gold plated

Circumference: 7 inches

- Constant grounding
- EMF / 5G Protection
- Increased Oxygen / Prana
- Physical Body Alignment
- Energy Body Stabilization
- Emotional Regulation
- Mental Focus & Clarity
- New Earth Ascension

How Earth Frequency Tech works
Importance of EMF Protection

Product Use: To open this bracelet, locate the clasp opening and firmly apply downward pressure to bottom side and upward pressure to the top side until the bracelet opens.

Product Care: The plating on the plated versions of this product is thin. Over-time it will turn silver. This process can be delayed by not scratching it or exposing it to harsh chemicals.

What is an Earth Frequency bracelet?

An Earth Frequency bracelet is jewellery which is charged to hold and emit the frequency of the Earth. By wearing charged Earth Frequency jewellery, you will constantly get the effects of Earth Frequency even while you are not directly grounding to the Earth with your bare feet.

Learn more in our Earth Frequency Tech section.

What are the healing properties of the Earth Frequency charge?

All of our Earth Frequency products are charged with the grounding power of our planet in a concentrated, wearable form. This turns ordinary jewellery into powerful healing tools.

While wearing Earth Frequency tech, our nervous system is strengthened and resists EMF radiation. This creates more stability, strength, balance and alignment in our physical body while also stabilizing our energy body. This results in emotional balance and lowered stress while giving the mind more clarity and focus. All of this means we make calmer, better choices and become more in-tune with nature during this New Earth Ascension.

Learn more in our Earth Frequency Tech section.

Earth Frequency testimonials

Our product doesn’t heal you, it gives your body the support it needs to heal itself. By wearing this Earth Frequency bracelet, you can experience what our Essential Vibes family has experienced: a wide range of natural health improvements. The most common benefits are improvements in: sleep, relaxation, strength, range of motion, recovery, focus, memory, mood, brain function, energy levels and EMF protection.

There are video testimonials in our Testimonials section.

Pros and cons of the Fashion Bangle

The fashion bangle is an attractive product for those who want to wear Earth Frequency jewellery in style. This is also a durable bracelet so it will last a long time. Since this product is also waterproof, we recommend wearing it at all times. This product will only fit on a small wrist so be sure to read through the product's dimensions before purchasing. If you have a larger wrist and still want to wear a fashionable bracelet, consider the cable expanding bracelet or the flexible sterling silver drawstring bracelet.

If you enjoy wearing precious metals, we have multiple sterling silver styles available all charged with Earth Frequency tech. If you are concerned about 5G protection jewelry, we offer advanced protection options for 5G technologies with our 5G Defender Pro products.

Essential Vibes Ascension Technologies

If you're reading this, you're probably aware there's a huge shift going on in our planet. This Ascension is bringing humanity out of our old rigid paradigms and into an abundant, heart-focused, interconnected existence. All of our products are focused on increasing your vibration and helping you make the shift into the New Earth as smoothly as possible. Thank you for taking the time to care for your consciousness!